What's the nightlife like in Stockholm?
Nightlife in Stockholm is really good considering Stockholm being only the 36th biggest city in Europe, with lots of really beautiful people. Clubbers in Stockholm are therefore spoiled for choice, with a particular concentration of venues around Stureplan in the city center. For the more alternative clubber, Sodermalm is the city part that’s most interesting. And why not combine the party with a meal? Most clubs have restaurants on the premises.
At what time do clubs close in Stockholm?
On Friday and Saturday nights, most clubs are open until three, and some clubs are open till five in the morning. This change over time, so for the actual opening hours of the club that you are going to, please visit their respective website for more information. 
Is there any dress code and door policy?
Bouncers in Stockholm are extremely picky. If you are in a large group of men without looking very trendy you will not get in at a premium club unless you have beautiful people in your company. If you want to get into the trendy places come really early when they open, then you have a better chance. After midnight you more or less have to be on the guest list to be sure to get in.
How can I get on the guestlist?
Our suggestion is to call the nightclub in advance and ask to be put on the guest list so your evening will not be ruined by not being admitted entrance.